Super Mario Run

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Super Mario Run Review

Your favorite plumber is back, now on your mobile phone! Introducing Super Mario Run! This game brings back your favorite memories of the Mario platforming games, but with even simpler controls. You can play the whole game with one hand!

Princess Peach has invited you to the castle for a party and cake. But what Mario game is complete without your favorite villain, Bowser! Yes, he is back to kidnap Princess Peach… and the cake! On top of that, he has destroyed the castle, and all the Toads have fled! It’s all up to you now, dash through 6 worlds and 24 different levels to rescue Peach and rebuild the castle!

You are thrown into the game where a quick walkthrough of the controls is merged into the gameplay. Mario will run and jump over small obstacles automatically, including small enemies. When you fall, or make any mistakes, you will float in a bubble back to land to try again. To jump, simply touch the screen once, and press and hold to jump higher. Depending on the timing of the tap, Mario will behave differently by incorporating spin moves and other cool tricks in his jumps!

Game Modes

World Tour

  • There are two major game modes; World Tour, and Toad Rally. World Tour is the equivalent to the career mode, which you dash through multiple levels to rescue princess Peach from Bowser!  You receive a stat page at the end of each level containing the amount of coins you received, how many enemies you defeated, and how many pink coins you received. In each level, there are 5 pink coins scattered around the course for you to find. If you collect all 5 in one play, you’ll be able to challenge a new placement for the colored coins.

Toad Rally

  • In Toad Rally, you compete against your friends and people all around the world and show off your stylish moves to build up your score before the timer runs out. Certain jumps and tricks in the Toad Rally fill up your coin rush gauge. Once the gauge is filled, it’s time for coin rush! Grab all the coins you can before it’s over!
  • Tickets
    • There are always new people to challenge, if you have tickets. Tickets are used as form of entry for        every person you challenge in the rally. You can earn tickets through completing worlds and going through bonus levels. The winner is determined based off the highest amount of coins collected, and number of toads that come to cheer you on. If you are lucky enough to win, Toads will come and join your kingdom!

Kingdom Builder Mode

  • As you gather more Toads, your castle will grow! More Toads will show up, and your kingdom will level up. In Kingdom Builder mode, you can use the coins you’ve collected to buy buildings and decorations to customize and make the castle your own.


Super Mario Run is a beautiful platformer that hooks player to keep coming back for more. The one hand controls just add to the simplicity and replay value of the game. Its finally here, to bring back all the nostalgia of the Mario games, right in the palm of your hand. So, what are you waiting for? Go download Super Mario Run today!


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