Developing a game or mobile app?

Does your target market fall between the ages of 13-25?

Need feedback on your game/mobile app from your target market?

AppEpic is the one stop shop for mobile/game developers who are looking to enhance their target market’s user experience and engagement through the eyes of the youth

Through experimental research and our own youth centered team, we are able to develop insight that is easily transformed into actionable feedback for developers to improve their apps.

Youthability™ is a youth focused platform providing mobile application developers servies and tools to further connect with the youth market. The Youthability™ Test is our flagship usability test providing developers with full insights on the UI and Replay Value from in-house testers in Seattle, Washington, and our ever growing network of Youthability™ Testers from around the globe.

Youthability™ Test

With the Youthability™ Test, AppEpic pairs expert feedback with years of youth market data to provide insights into improving your app’s user retention and monetization. With this data, you can gain insight on your target market’s observations and suggestions on your app’s user experience.

We represent this data according to metrics that outline the overall app experience and the specific preferences that your target market wants in your app.

Visual Quality
Replay Value

With these metrics, you can find out your target market’s first impression, their overall critique, and suggested changes for your app to increase your user engagement and downloads!

Youthability™ Add-Ons

Youthability™ is more than usability testing! We understand what is need to get your app buzzing, we’ve broken them down for you in 5 Youthability™ Add-Ons

App Store Optimization (ASO)
How is the Youth going to love your app if they can’t find it on the App Store? Let us solve that for you.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Youthfull title and description of application

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    Keywords for ASO

  • Connector.Connector.

    App Preview Video

  • Connector.Connector.

    Eye-catching ScreenShots

Press Kit

Want to have somewhere other than the app store to display your prize application? AppEpic can build you a personalized PR kit that includes marketing material and content about your game for you to push out to Social Media, News Sites, Bloggers, Journalists, etc.

Your apps press kit will be a featured full page on the AppEpic Blog including:

  • Icon
  • Promo Art
  • ScreenShots
  • Youthful Description of App
  • App Promo Video
  • App Tutorial Video

Custom Content Creation

Need written or video content for your game’s website or social media accounts? AppEpic can help you reach your target market by creating fun and engaging game play videos, as well as written content, that describe the gameplay, explain objectives of your game, and offer helpful hints that will allow your audience to dive deep into your app or game!

Social Media Campaigns
Let us share your app to the youth for you!

Whether you’re in in the pre-launch process or need some help marketing your app, AppEpic offers Social Media Marketing Campaigns where we can post on your behalf on your App’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube etc. Don’t have social media accounts for your app? Not to worry, we’ll take care of creating the accounts and starting them for you!

Technical Testing
Fully Automated Tests

• Performance Testing
• Functional & UX Validation
• Reliability Runs
• Security Testing

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