AppEpic’s Mission

AppEpic understands the app user experience perspective unreachable by any other app testing service: through the eyes of the youth.

Through experimental research and our own youth centered team, we are able to develop insight that is easily transformed into actionable feedback for developers to improve their apps.

Using the data from the services we offered in the past…

  • App Reviews
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Pre-launch Testing

We were able to develop a brand new services that provides developers with feedback on how to enhance and tailor their app towards their target market.

What is Youthability?

AppEpic is leveraging its industry knowledge and expertise to launch its newest offering: Youthability Testing. 
Youthbaility is the combination of youth-centered focus, mobile app testing, and user experience.

When testing for an app’s Youthability, developers are bridging the gap between the development process and their youth market.

What we test for

Enhancement of User Engagement

We identify specific problem areas that can be changed or improved to increase youth users’ excitement, turning your app into something they can’t live without!

Opportunities for Monetization

You can’t improve your app if you can’t fund it, right? We look for ways in which you can monetize your app without alienating youth users.

Simplification of User Experience

Users can’t connect with your app if it’s too hard to use! We pinpoint areas of confusion and provide actionable solutions for creating the best youth user experience.

Seven Metrics

We test a variety of metrics in order to uncover issues around the app’s overall content, user interface, competitiveness with other apps, social desirability, and much more.

Visual Quality
Sound Quality
Ease of Use
Replay Value

The Results

The Youthability testing Process issimple from the developer side

Once the Youthability Test is completed, the developer can log in and see the results of their App’s Youthability test. The results include:

  • Critiqued observations
  • Suggested fixes
  • List of Problems and Solutions
  • Screenshots of application


“The format is great, flows nicely with great graphics and, provides an excellent framework for constructive criticism and is very actionable. That is, it is solid with some super feedback that we can feel confident making further development/enhancement decisions around.”Jim Fallgatter of Aqwertyan Music Systems

Who We Work With



  • 1 Platform
  • 1 Device
  • 1 Test
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  • 3 Platforms
  • 3 Devices (per platform)
  • 3 Tests
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How it works

We currently offer three packages for our Youthability Testing service: Basic, Standard, and Pro. Each package is made up of three components: Platform, Devices, and Tests. Platform is the operating system that we test the application on; whether it’s iOS, Android, or Windows. Devices are the form factors we use depending on what platform the developer wants to test on; mobile, tablet, desktop, etc. Lastly, Tests represent the number of times the AppEpic team runs a Youthability Test on the application. If the developer selects a package with more than one test, they can schedule when they would like the AppEpic team to test the application again. Usually developers ask for their application to be tested again once they’ve completed the fixes that we’ve recommended from the prior test. One example of a Youthability Testing package is testing an application on iOS using an iPhone 6 with one scheduled test. The table above features our top three packages that developers use:

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